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Welcome to The IVF Dad

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

If you're here, I assume you're a fellow member of the club no one wants to be a part of. You've probably been through months or even years of trying to have a baby without success.

Welcome. This is a place for you.

And I know all too well what you're going through--my wife and I have been navigating the path of infertility for over five years now. On that long and difficult journey, I noticed a real lack of resources for and by men. Millions of couples experience infertility, and for many of those couples, one of the partners is a man.

Thus, The IVF Dad was born. I wanted to give men a resource that could help them, so I started writing. I wrote stories from our own experience, wrote down the useful lessons I've learned along the way about how to support myself and be a supportive partner. I also tried to condense all I've learned about infertility treatment into digestible, clear bits. My hope? To build community while helping you feel more in control of this challenging experience.

The IVF Dad will be available on Amazon on July 1, 2022. I hope you'll check it out, and hope you'll continue to check this site. You're not alone, and there's strength in connection.

If you feel inclined, please get in touch at I'd love to hear from you.

--Keegan, The IVF Dad

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