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Our IVF Journey, Part 1: 2017-2018

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Everyone going through infertility has a story--while I'll eventually write about more specific events in our timeline, I wanted to start by providing a general overview of our infertility journey.

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But first? Here's a quick look at me and O just before we entered what I call the "infertility Yo-Yo"--the endless ups and downs of trying to have a baby through infertility. Such simple times! We were on a trip to DC to visit friends. On that trip, O and I talked about how we envisioned the next year of our life playing out: moving upstate, getting a dog, buying a house with a yard, and having a baby.

We made the move, got the dog, and found a great house with a yard...but little did we know that last part of having a baby would take waaaaaaaay longer and cause a lot more pain and heartache than anticipated.

So without further ado, here's part 1 of what was ahead for me and O. And remember, everyone's journey is different. In the infertility world, there's always someone who had it easier than you and always someone who had it (much) harder. I share this because our stories matter!

⏳Mid-2017: "Pull goalie" and start trying for a baby--O is 32, I'm 30.

⏳January 2018: Nothing yet. O has one late period by a few days. We do a pregnancy test. It's negative. D'oh.

⏳March 2018: Decide it's time to get proactive. O talks to OB and has some basic testing done: blood hormone levels (LH, AMH, etc), and HSG test. OB reports no concerns.

⏳April 2018: OB has O start letrozole, and advises timed intercourse. Just for safety, we book a consult with IVF clinic for the summer.

⏳July 2018: Three rounds of timed intercourse and letrozole = nada. See RE for first time. RE does semen analysis, additional testing on O.

⏳August 2018: Testing comes back. O's hormone levels suggest some amount of diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) and suspected endometriosis. RE advises starting IVF straightaway.

⏳September 2018: IVF Round 1. Eight eggs retrieved, resulting in four good embryos.

⏳October 2018: Fresh Transfer #1.

⏳October 31, 2018: Positive beta! We (prematurely) celebrate while handing out candy.

⏳November 2, 2018: Second beta not rising fast enough.

⏳Rest of early November 2018: Beta hell. hCG keeps rising, but not fast enough.

⏳Late November 2018: Ultrasound confirms blighted ovum. Miscarriage and D&C #⒈

Needless to say, we were blindsided, shocked, and devastated. We set our sights on 2019, hoping for better outcomes...

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