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Keegan's Media and Podcast Appearances--Listen Below!

Miracles Happen Fertility with Dr. Maria Rothenburger

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Thanks to Dr. Maria Rothenburger for having The IVF Dad on her podcast! In this episode, we discuss lots of things including:

  • Factors that make it hard for men experiencing infertility 

  • Strategies for men and couples to be great supporters for each other

  • Concrete tips for "coming out" to friends and family about your infertility struggles


Keegan joins host Dustin Gruss in this episode of Family By Heart to talk about the male perspective when it comes to going through fertility struggles. We talk about:

  • Our fertility stories

  • The stereotype of men being uncomfortable sharing emotions

  • How we supported our partners during infertility


Keegan sits down with Daniel Landau from Men's Helpline for a discussion about navigating fertility treatment and loss. We discuss:

  • What it's like to experience pregnancy loss, and how to manage what you're feeling

  • Strategies to take care of yourself during fertility treatments

  • Why connecting and reaching out for support is so important


Keegan sits down with Ola, from The Fertility Conversations Podcast, to discuss his book The IVF Dad, and how to be a supportive partner as a male during fertility treatment. Some things we talk about:

  • Things we wish every man going through fertility struggles knew

  • Ways for couples to remain connected through fertility treatment

  • Tips to help men open up about their feelings during fertility struggles

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